Sho Shin Juku    Aikido Center of San Antonio

 Dues and Costs        

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Introductory Special

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Uniform Cost

You need a plain white karate or judo style uniform (gi) to attend classes.  We have starter uniforms available to purchase at $35.00; these uniforms would normally retail for as much as $60.00.


Regular Monthly Dues

The monthly dues for training is $65 per month on Auto-pay or $70 per month on manaul pay regardless of the number of classes you attend.

See our Schedule for class times.

We have no long term contracts.
 Aikido Center of San Antonio does have an Auto-pay agreement
that provides a $5 per month discount and you can terminate this agreement at any time
with at least 10 days notice prior to your next month's dues.

Regular Monthly Dues should be paid regardless of attendance
to maintain your dojo membership.

If you need to be gone for an entire month for whatever reason, please keep in mind that you need to pay your membership dues.  The dojo needs on-going support to pay its bills.  However, do not skip class just because you can not afford to pay.  If you have financial difficulties, please talk with Sensei.


Minimum Age

Students must be at least 14 years of age.  Exceptions to this minimum age can be approved for youths that have at least one year of martial arts experience or who are already in the 9th grade - please talk with Sensei for any possible exceptions.

Beginning Aikido

The minimum cost to start is one month’s dues and you must have a uniform.  If you already have a white gi top and bottom, you are welcome to use it as long as it does not have any writing on it and you must remove any emblems/patches.  Otherwise you can purchase a gi from us.

We have two Regular classes each week in which all levels of students learn together.  In addition, we offer a Supplemental class each week specifically designed to supplement your Aikido skills.  However, Adult beginners are strongly encouraged to not restrict themselves to attending the Supplemental classes only.  You should attend as many Regular Classes as your time allows and use the Supplemental classes as supplemental training.  Please our Schedule page for details.


Private Lessons

Sensei Bollinger is available to teach private lessons.  The rate is $70 per hour.  For details, please email or call him at 210-669-0559.


Visitors from other schools are always welcome!

Mat fee is $10.00


Other Costs and Equipment

As you progress there will be other costs involved and equipment needed.   A summary of these follow:

Testing is part of the aikido curriculum and an important part of the mind, body, spirit growth process.  As you progress you will be expected to test in accordance with standards set forth by Shihan Shoji Nishio Sensei and approved by Hombu Dojo.  Testing is under the supervision of the Yurusu Aikikai.  There are fivet ranks before Shodan (first black belt level).  There are minimum attendance requirements plus certain skills and techniques required for each level.  The fee for each of these tests is $45.

Training with weapons is an integral part of Aikido.  We use the bokken (wooden sword), jo (staff), tanto (wooden knife), and Iaito (practice sword made like a real samurai sword but without the sharp cutting edge) in our training.  These pieces of equipment, though not required to initially start practice, do need to be purchased eventually.  The costs of these items will vary greatly with the quality purchased and the supplier.  Speak with Sensei to discuss the best timing for you to obtain these items and the quality that is right for your situation.

The do-gi (or gi) is the white uniform, both top and bottom, that you must wear for each class and is part of your sign up fees if you do not already have one.  The gi must be kept in good repair and will need to be replaced once it wears out.

The hakama (traditional Japanese pants) may be wore at anytime in Iaido class, however it is necessary in Iaido once you get your Iaito sword.  Also, you are required to wear the hakama in Aikido after passing your first black belt test.  In our dojo we do not wear the hakama during Aikido prior to obtaining your black belt.

As part of our development it is essential that we seek out and experience instruction from advanced teachers of Aikido.  We regularly invite senior instructors to our dojo for teaching and student development seminars.  There is an additional cost involved in these seminars ranging from $70 to $100.  You are highly encouraged to participate in as many of these seminars are possible!                                                      


Notice of Financial Policy
Sho Shin Juku - Aikido Center of San Antonio is part of AIKIpeace Martial Arts and Fitness Center which is a non-profit educational organization.  All dues and monies collected are used exclusively for the continued operation of the organization.  Our goal is to provide our programs to everyone, regardless of economic status.  Scholarships are available based upon financial need.